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The Morgan Horse

Welcome to the Iowa Morgan Horse Association.

The Iowa Morgan Horse Association is a merger of two clubs in Iowa. The  Hawkeye Morgan Horse Association and the Tri-Corner Morgan Horse Association.

The Hawkeye Morgan Horse Association was formed in 1964. The Tri-Corner Morgan Association was incorporated in 1988. The two clubs were formed to bring the many Morgan Horse owners and enthusiasts in the state together.

In 2001, the clubs were merged to become one club with two regions (East and West) to combine member resources, and promote a unified purpose: the love of the Morgan Horse.

The object of the club is to encourage and promote the breeding and use of the Morgan as a versatile pleasure and show horse. The club promotes standardized requirements and specifications to assure fair play for showing and judging. The club strives to promote a greater appreciation and knowledge of the Morgan Horse and to cooperate with other organizations in working for better recognition of this wonderful breed.

We invite you to join us.

The Iowa Morgan Horse Association is a registered club of the American Morgan Horse Association, Inc.

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