The goal of the Iowa Morgan Horse Association is to promote Iowa's Morgan horses through recreational, educational and competitive activities. Our club dues are used to support several programs, among them are:
  1. Promotion of the Morgan breed at the Iowa Horse Fair.
  2. Sponsor trophies for the Morgan Horse classes at the Iowa State Fair.
  3. Sponsorship for the Morgan Horse Youth Ambassador.
  4. Support for the club sponsored special events and clinics.
  5. Support efforts to promote the Morgan Horse breed in the United States.
As a member of the club several benefits are available to you, among them are:
  1. Being a part of the community of Morgan Horse enthusiasts, owners and admirers.
  2. Receive the club's bimonthly newsletter which contains informative articles, minutes of the club meetings, calendar of upcoming shows, sales, special clinics, trail rides and list of Iowa Morgan Horse breeders.
  3. Receive copy of the club directory which lists the other club members and the Morgan horses they own.
  4. Access to the clubs's Lending Library which consists of many horse related books, videos and tapes.
  5. Free listing of any Morgan horse you wish to sell on the Iowa Morgan Horse web site and in the club directory.
Regular club meetings are held once every other month.  The meetings have traditionally included a pot-luck lunch, business meeting and a program as planned by the host/hostess. Refer to the Events/Calendar tab for the month, time and location of the next meeting.
Iowa Morgan Horse Association Officers:
President: Deb K. Directors: Gary D.
Vice President:  Linda S.   Dick P.
Secretary: Barb S.   Hugh P.
Treasurer: Linda B.   Warren P.


Iowa Horse Fair
Membership director
Club directory printing
Newsletter director